"If your boss asks for engineering metrics, start by reframing what they’re really asking for."

This here is really the key. One thing that I didn't do the first time I saw myself in such a situation but ended up learning by brute force. Things become way easier after refining this statement.

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"I am working on a new DevEx framework with Dr. Nicole Forsgren and Dr. Margarette-Anne Storey which will offer a new approach."

Super interested to see this Abi! Email us as soon as it's live if you can.

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This is remarkably similar to the distinctions I use in the same situations. I call them Business Metrics, Operational Metrics, and Productivity Metrics.

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I have a theory: Engineering Organizations in tech-driven companies seldom pay attention to metrics. Why? Because they simply ship value, quickly, and consistently. On the other hand, Engineering Organizations in sales-led or product-led or blue-chip companies obsess over metrics and measuring productivity because they probably struggle to ship value, quickly, and consistently.

I don't know if this is true or not though.

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> so stakeholders will naturally be interested in knowing how productive developers are

Based on this context "Developer effectiveness" should probably be rephrased as "Developer efficiency". Here's a great description of the difference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FS1mnISoG7U&t=209s

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