May 24, 2023 • 59M

A close look at Peloton’s developer experience survey | Thansha Sadacharam (Peloton)

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Abi Noda
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Thansha Sadacharam leads Tech Learning and Insights at Peloton and recently led the company’s initiative to create a developer experience survey. Here, Thansha describes what activities and roles were involved in this initiative, from the design of the survey to its rollout and its ongoing maintenance.

Discussion points: 

  • (1:19) Where the idea for running a developer survey originated

  • (6:36) Advice for other leaders getting buy-in for these initiatives

  • (11:27) The first steps in designing the survey

  • (18:21) How the survey incorporated benchmarking

  • (20:30) Measuring developer satisfaction

  • (22:37) Refining the question items 

  • (25:50) How long the survey was

  • (26:50) What was involved in trimming the questions 

  • (29:28) Writing survey questions 

  • (33:12) How much time was spent developing the survey

  • (35:19) The communication plan for launching the survey

  • (42:05) Driving participation rates  

  • (45:21) Sampling and how often surveys are being sent 

  • (49:21) How the information was presented 

  • (54:10) Feeling nervous about sending out surveys 

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