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Bootstrapping a developer portal

Bootstrapping a developer portal

DoorDash's unique approach path to building a developer portal.

In this episode we’re joined by Adam Rogal, who leads Developer Productivity and Platform at DoorDash. Adam describes DoorDash’s journey with their internal developer portal, and gives advice for other teams looking to follow a similar path. Adam also describes how his team delivered value quickly and drove adoption for their developer platform.

Discussion points:

  • (1:47) Why DoorDash explored implementing a developer portal

  • (6:59) The initial vision for the developer portal 

  • (12:19) Funding ongoing development 

  • (16:01) Deciding what to include in the portal 

  • (19:15) Coming up with a name for the portal 

  • (20:01) Advice for interested beginners

  • (23:55) Putting together a business case

  • (32:32) Getting adoption for the portal 

  • (37:27) Driving initial awareness 

  • (41:29) Getting feedback from developers

  • (48:33) What Adam would have done differently

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