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How Airbnb measures developer productivity | Christopher Sanson (Airbnb)

How Airbnb measures developer productivity | Christopher Sanson (Airbnb)

Airbnb's journey with the DORA metrics, including how they got buy-in for instrumenting the metrics, their implementation journey, and more.

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Christopher Sanson is a product manager at Airbnb who is dedicated to enhancing developer productivity and tooling. Today, we learn more about Airbnb's developer productivity team and how various teams use metrics, both within and outside the organization. From there, we dive even deeper into their measurement journey, highlighting their implementation of DORA metrics and the challenges they overcame throughout the process.

Discussion points:

  • (2:43) Who is the developer productivity customer

  • (4:49) The evolution of developer productivity at Airbnb

  • (9:26) Approach before DORA metrics

  • (14:29) Getting buy-in for DORA metrics

  • (17:49) Planning how to deliver new metrics to the organization

  • (21:12) How Airbnb calculates deployment frequency

  • (23:29) Implementing a proof of concept

  • (27:20) Statistical measurement strategies and tactics

  • (31:11) Operationalizing developer productivity metrics

  • (34:26) How Airbnb reviews data

  • (35:41) How Airbnb uses DORA metrics

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