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Implementing a developer portal | Karl Haworth (American Airlines)

Implementing a developer portal | Karl Haworth (American Airlines)

Karl’s team at American Airlines were early adopters of Backstage, and in this episode he shares their journey of implementing and rolling out a developer portal. He also describes two of the extensions his team has built for their portal.

Discussion points:

  • (1:24) Where the idea of building a developer portal came from

  • (7:24) What the developer experience looked like before the portal 

  • (10:41) Initiating the project

  • (14:16) The decision to choose Backstage 

  • (16:28) The V1 scope for the portal 

  • (19:14) Getting adoption for the portal

  • (23:35) Defining success for the portal’s adoption 

  • (28:04) The ideal state for how developers will use the portal

  • (30:56) Who should or shouldn’t invest in building a developer portal 

  • (33:14) Custom extensions Karl’s team has developed for their portal

  • (37:46) What’s difficult about developing a new plugin for the backstage platform

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