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Platform teams vs. enabling teams | Manuel Pais (Team Topologies)

Platform teams vs. enabling teams | Manuel Pais (Team Topologies)

The differences between platform and enabling teams and when to to invest in both.

Manuel Pais delves into one of the concepts covered in his book Team Topologies: platform and enabling work. Manuel shares how he views the strategy behind when and how to invest in platform or enabling work. This conversation also goes into each type of work in more detail, covering topics such as measuring cognitive load and where platform engineering may be heading in the future. 

Discussion points:

  • (2:13) How enabling teams and platform teams are different 

  • (10:28) What it looks like for a team to own both platform and enabling work 

  • (17:04) How to deliver enabling work in an organization

  • (22:28) Whether enabling teams should be temporary

  • (30:10) Platform team anti-patterns

  • (47:10) Measuring cognitive load

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