Sitemap - 2022 - Engineering Enablement

SE Research in 2022

Friction Between Product and Engineering

Principles for driving adoption and platform team growth | Jonathan Biddle (Wayfair)

Code Ownership and Software Quality

Leading infrastructure change at scale | Ian White (DAT)

Motivation and Satisfaction of Software Engineers

Positioning platform work in a down market | Brian Guthrie (Orgspace, Meetup)

Developer Productivity at Google

A deep-dive on real-time feedback and personalized surveys | Max Kanat-Alexander, Or Michael Berlowitz (LinkedIn)

Technical Debt Cripples Productivity

Productivity Perceptions in Teams

Reducing Onboarding Time

How Flaky Tests Impact Developers

How to define your team's scope and charter | Mark Côté (Shopify)

Addressing Tech Debt

What Happens When Software Developers Are Unhappy?

Dropbox's journey with developer productivity metrics | Utsav Shah (Vanta, Dropbox)

Using customer interviews to inform your roadmap | Michael Galloway (Doma, Netflix)

The Bi-Directional Relationship Between Developer Satisfaction and Productivity

Establishing a DevEx team in a high-growth company | Willie Yao (Notion, Airbnb)

The Daily Life of Software Developers

A model for managing requests and complaints from developers | Jasmine James (Twitter)

Does Experience Matter?

Measuring via Surveys Versus Systems

From DORA to SPACE to DX - A Fireside Chat with Nicole Forsgren

Cost of Delay

The people side of engineering and an open conversation about Agile | Brent Strange (GoDaddy)

Software Development Waste

What Distinguishes Great Software Engineers?

Moving Slack's development experience to remote environments | Sylvestor George (Slack)

What Makes Developers Unhappy?

Snyk’s journey with developer experience and productivity | Crystal Hirschorn (Snyk)

Developers’ Diverging Perceptions of Productivity

Supporting 100,000 engineers | Max Pugliese (IBM)

How to Misuse & Abuse DORA Metrics

Maximizing Developer Effectiveness

The value of having a PM on a platform team | Jelmer Borst (Picnic Technologies)

How Developers and Managers Define Productivity

Common pitfalls in adopting engineering metrics | Mojtaba Hosseini (Zapier)

What Makes a Great Engineering Manager?

Advocating for the voice of the developer | Julio Santana (Workday)

Measuring Productivity with SPACE

Why founding a DevEx team is like starting a startup | Minh Pham, Titus Stone (Ibotta)

The ultimate guide on Engineering Operations | Ryan Atkins (Asana, Stripe, Dropbox)

Staffing infrastructure teams | Will Larson (Calm, Stripe, Uber)

Supporting autonomous teams | Victoria Morgan-Smith (Financial Times)

What it looks like to hire Engineering Effectiveness too late | Peter Seibel (ex-Twitter)

Tactics for driving service adoption | Varun Achar (Razorpay)

How DoorDash’s developer productivity team prioritizes projects | Marco Chirico (DoorDash)

How GitHub’s developer experience team has evolved | Liz Saling (GitHub)