Sitemap - 2023 - Engineering Enablement

How Shopify’s Developer Experience Survey Works

Barriers to Flow

The Impact of Self-Reflection on Productivity

OKRs in Software Engineering

The Human Side of Software Engineering Teams

2023 DORA Report

Key findings from the 2023 State of DevOps Report | Nathen Harvey (DORA at Google)

Atlassian’s journey with developer experience | Preeti Kota (Atlassian)

Characterizing Software Developers by Perceptions of Productivity

Developer Onboarding and Ramp-Up Time

Developers' Perspectives on Technical Debt Payment

Shopify’s developer happiness survey | Mark Côté (Shopify)

Characteristics of Code Quality

What Predicts Software Developers’ Productivity?

What Makes Some Interruptions More Disruptive Than Others?

Understanding the Experience of Code Review

How Google Measures Developer Productivity | Ciera Jaspan, Collin Green (Google)

Three Dimensions of Developer Productivity

Psychological Safety and Norm Clarity in Software Engineering Teams

Developing Trustworthy Software Tools

Time Pressure in Software Development

How Google Measures Developer Productivity

Enabling Good Work Habits Through Reflective Goal-Setting

Knowledge-Worker Productivity: The Biggest Challenge

Build Times and Developer Productivity

A Customer Service Approach to Improving DevEx | Jason Kennedy (One Medical)

Four Lenses of Productivity

How Emotions Affect Perceived Productivity

Driving Awareness for Internal Developer Tools

What Drives Adoption of Internal Developer Tools?

How Google Measures and Manages Tech Debt

Platform teams vs. enabling teams | Manuel Pais (Team Topologies)

No Single Metric Captures Productivity

Unlocking the Potential of Hybrid Work

A close look at Peloton’s developer experience survey | Thansha Sadacharam (Peloton)

A New Approach To Measuring Developer Productivity

A better way to measure developer productivity | A special episode with Laura Tacho and Abi Noda

10 Years of Tech Debt Research

Measuring Flow and Focus

The developer experience of building a database | Tara Hernandez (MongoDB, Google)

Inside Etsy’s Multi-Year DevEx Initiative

How teams use productivity metrics at LinkedIn | Max Kanat-Alexander (LinkedIn, Google)

The Effects of Technical Debt on Morale

Inside Etsy’s multi-year DevEx initiative | Mike Fisher (Etsy, PayPal)

The Case Against Measuring Cycle Time

Hybrid Productivity

Implementing a developer portal | Karl Haworth (American Airlines)

The Emotional Roller Coaster of Changing Requirements

Bringing the product management discipline to platform teams | Russ Nealis (Plaid)

The Causes of Unreliable Software

The Voice of the Developer

Three-Bucket Framework for Engineering Metrics

Intercom’s approach to a great on-call experience | Brian Scanlan (Intercom)

The Cost of Architectural Complexity

On-Time Delivery

The Continual Evolution of DORA

How Instagram Reels manages reliability | Jack Li (Instagram, Shopify)

Cross-Team Collaboration at Scale

Garbage Collect Your Technical Debt

An Inside Look at DORA

A masterclass on DORA – research program, common pitfalls, and future direction | Nathen Harvey (Google)

Turnover-Induced Knowledge Loss

An inside look at the SPACE framework | Dr. Margaret-Anne Storey (co-author, SPACE)

Why it’s Difficult to Measure Developer Productivity

Spotify’s failed #SquadGoals | Jeremiah Lee (Spotify, Stripe)

Measuring Engineering Productivity

How much to invest in platform work | Jean-Michel Lemieux (Shopify, Atlassian)